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Julie Jewels* Meek


Julie “Jewels” Meek is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and professional Flow Artist. She specializes in individual, parent-child, and group therapy for those who are struggling to be successful and feel fulfilled in their lives, many of whom suffer from anxiety, depression, AD/HD, autism spectrum disorder, executive functioning problems, social cognitive deficits, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. She has presented locally, nationally, and internationally, and has had the honor of sharing self-regulation strategies in several schools in Idaho through her role as Lead Counselor at Lee Pesky Learning Center (LPLC). She is also Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional (both via Evergreen) and has a special interest in helping the helper. She believes every individual’s unique path is valid and worthy and considers it an honor to be of service to every client.

In her private practice, Jewels teaches her clients how to master key self-regulation skills for managing life demands and difficult emotions. Her sessions help the client heal and make sense of what has happened in their pasts and relationship patterns so that they are free to live a life in alignment with their values and of true fulfillment.

Jewels offer a sliding scale for all services and bills insurance as an out-of-network provider. Clients are given the option of therapeutic movement and dance activities to engage the body in the transformation process, however this addition is never required. Jewels’s first priority is a collaborative, trust-based, and mutually respectful relationship with her clients, as well as an individualized therapeutic approach to best meet her clients’ needs. She possesses advanced knowledge in cognitive-behavioral therapies and FlowArts approaches, and her understanding of the neurological and relational underpinnings of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning is extensive and research-based. Learn more about Jewels’s practice on her psychology today profile page.

In her spare time, Jewels enjoys being with family, enjoying the outdoors, working in her garden, and the occasional night out dancing. 🙂

Lori Sirs


Lori received her Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and her Master’s degree in Social Work from Boise State University. She completed her capstone thesis on the effects of Poi spinning in psychotherapy in 2017. This original research on the therapeutic use of poi spinning is the first known study on poi spinning to be conducted in a mental health (clinical) setting. She provides individual and group counseling for clients with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and social communication disorders. She also completed a professional mentorship at Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Clinic. Lori has provided field instruction for undergraduate and graduate social work students, as well as clinical supervision and is an Assistant Professor at St. Martin’s University. She brings over 12 years of practice experience and has also presented at Regional, National, and International Conferences.


When in private practice, Lori works with her clients in a collaborative fashion, recognizing they possess unique strengths and experiences. Together they build skills to help cope with life’s challenges. Lori uses a combined approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, skill-building, mindfulness, and movement, including poi spinning!  Visit her website at www.lorisirs.com.


In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the Sound with her husband, playing with her grandchildren, and traveling.

About Therapoi

Therapoi was created by Dr. Lori Sirs, DSW, LICSW and Julie “Jewels” Meek, LCSW. Therapoi is the therapeutic application of Flow Arts practices into the counseling session, supercharging the therapy experience with elements of learning, fun, creative expression, and physical movement, supporting faster and longer lasting positive changes for the client. Flow Arts practices are inherently calming and regulating and have been used by thousands of people as a source of stress-relief and enjoyment. These practices have also been shown to improve cognitive, attentional, social, and emotional functioning while engaging in rhythmic, fun movement!

Jewels offers 1:1 and group therapy, therapeutic Flow Arts, and integrated services to the community of Boise, Idaho and beyond. Lori offers therapy and therapeutic poi from her practice in Lacey, Washington and nearby communities. Thanks for your interest in this revolutionary approach, and keeping exploring this website to learn more! You’re also welcome to complete the contact form (see Contact Us) to connect with Jewels directly to ask questions or schedule an appointment.